The "Company"


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I've seen some of the most amazing landscapes around by hiking Half Dome in Yosemite, backpacking at Big Basin near the Santa Cruz mountains, and picking olallieberries on the coast near Pescadero to name a few. I love running on natural trails and through forests, spying wildlife while listening to relaxing tunes on my iPod. I feel joy in nature and never get tired of it.

Throughout most of my life theatre has been my greatest passion. I have always loved performing for a large audience and being on stage has taught me to improvise and think on my feet! I’ve often been cast as the villain in shows; one of my favorite roles to play was the sadistic dentist in Little Shop of Horrors. Through performing I came to realize that a career as a reporter or actor is something that I may want to pursue! I won’t lie, I was a little nervous when I showed up for dance class a cou[ple of years ago and was one of only three guys there, but I’ve come to love both tap and jazz dance ever since.

In my spare time I enjoy running, weight lifting, playing music, and spending time with friends. I am so happy to be learning more about green causes, the science of ecosystems and being a part of Eco Company!