Eco Company

The National TV Show
Adam at Toxic Substance Disposal Facility
What does it mean to go green as a teen?
A whole new generation has made the environment, climate change and going green their cause. Eco Company was created to chronicle the passions of this new generation and to answer their questions. Eco Company is a national TV show hosted by a dynamic and diverse group of teens who combine their natural curiosity with their enthusiasm for preserving the planet they will inherit.
Jalena Among The Majestic Redwoods
Eco Company airs in markets all across the country. Find out which local station airs the show in your area and tune in! Each week Eco Company explores all aspects of being green and understanding how we impact our world. The E-Co Team reports on the latest developments in renewable energies and alternative fuels. They explore organic processes and learn how conservation and recycling can have an impact on reducing our carbon footprint.
Jordan Reporting From and Organic Cottonfield
Most of all, Eco Company profiles individual teens and organizations who are making a difference. These inspirational stories showcase teens who have made a commitment to being green and to having an impact on their schools, in their communities, in their homes and in their personal lives. Often their impact goes beyond their own communities. That is what Eco Company is all about. In addition, this website gives teens throughout the U.S. and around the world the opportunity to share their stories by uploading their own videos.
Josh on a bike ride with Trips For Kids!
Eco Company also provides Eco-Wise tips that provide practical ways in which teens and people of all ages can contribute to a sustainable planet. Finally, Eco Company gives teens, wherever we find them, the opportunity to sound off about being green. So join The Company by uploading your own video, by watching the show on your local TV station, and by making a difference in your own life.