Episode 319: World Energy

Original Airdate: 
Monday, April 30, 2012 - Sunday, May 6, 2012
Next Airdate: 
Monday, June 1, 2015 - Sunday, June 7, 2015

Eco Company travels to Nebraska to meet the founder of the World Energy Project. But this story also takes us to Mali in West Africa. That's where University of Nebraska student Ashley Schmidt made the decision to do something to help improve the quality of life in the villages. Now she and fellow students are designing and installing solar energy systems at hospitals, clinics and schools...and having an impact on the lives of the people they serve. It's a story you'll want to see.

Over 70% of the Earth is covered with water and sunlight is abundant! Eco Company found a high school Invention Team with an idea to combine the two to create a new kind of renewal power! They got a grant the Lemelson-MIT Foundation to build a prototype to prove their theory. We paid them a visit to check on their progress.

When professional surfer Kyle Thiermann sees an environmental issue at home or around the world, he wants to do something about it. That's why he created Surfing For Change! SFC is a website and, more importantly, a series of videos to help create environmental awareness with people in the surfing world...and everywhere! He's also a TEDx speaker and has been honored with a Brower Youth Award. Josh went to Santa Cruz to learn about it first hand.

What would happen if all of a sudden you found a cool pair of glasses that allowed you to see all the right things to do to be green? That's the concept developed by Alex Howard of Minneapolis, Minnesota, for the video he submitted to the Planet Connect Teen Video Contest. It's the most creative approach we have seen.